Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite Products of 2013!

Yes yes yes, it's finally time to usher out 2013 and welcome 2014 into my loving arms.
2013 was not good to me, for the most part. 
Two house burglaries left me with next to nothing.
Two car accidents.
A surprise organ removal surgery that resulted in a canceled vacation.
Constant money woes due to all of the above.

But it isn't totally terrible. Some rad things happened in 2013. I got promoted to my shiny new awesome big girl job. I fostered some pretty awesome partnerships with brands like Rainbow Honey and LUSH. I blogged some awesome products. I continued to have amazing friendships and family relationships. It's not all lost. I'm just looking for a more positive year in 2014!

And hopefully you'll be seeing me around here a lot, because I want to blog WAY more than I already do.
That said, I've come up with my list of favorite products I've used in 2013. It was tough to come up with since I have loved so many! Some of these will be of no surprise to you as many of them were featured in my Monthly Favorites posts. You'll also notice there aren't any nail polishes on this list besides a basecoat and topcoat. I'm trying to come up with my favorite polishes of 2013 and so far it's hard! But that's the next post. For now...here are my favorite products of 2013!

Where to begin? 

Orly Bonder is my favorite basecoat of all time currently. It's got a rubbery finish to it that just grips polishes and makes them last very long on me. Essie Good to Go stood out as a lovely topcoat for me this year. It's quick drying just like Seche Vite, but it doesn't have any of the shrinking/wrinkling/being a total jerk issues that Seche Vite does.

 Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45++ was totally amazing for my skin. Made it look balanced and even and lovely. I used it as foundation for most of my makeup looks in 2013. 
Benefit They're Real! mascara is pretty much my holy-grail mascara. It's the one I kept repurchasing and repurchasing. It's worth every bit of the $23 it costs. It promises to curl, lift, volumize, and separate. It does every single one of those things. The brush has this cool spiky ball on the tip of it too so you can get every single little lash. I wonder what kind of amazing mascaras 2014 will bring? They definitely have a lot to compete with as long as They're Real! is on the market.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I know these were recently overshadowed by the release of the Colorburst Balm Stains in matte + luster colors. But this was the first lip collection I actually bought all twelve of because THEY ARE SO GOOD. The color is smooth and comfortable and wears for hours! I will definitely be doing a re-swatching and re-reviewing of my collection. These are just so versatile and I loved them this year. 
LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub. This stuff. I use it every time I put makeup on. It's a great way to prep the lips for color and give them an extra burst of moisture for whatever color you're going to wear. This particular flavor is both sweet and salty which is just delicious and fun. 
Urban Decay Primer Potion. This stuff just grabs on to eyeshadow and keeps it in place all day. I've noticed some of my shadows are even more vibrant if I sweep them on over UDPP. This will forever remain a staple in my makeup collection. I've been using it for about ten years and keep repurchasing it! 

LUSH Rose Jam perfume became my #1 this year, knocking out my previous favorite, Kate Spade's Twirl. Rose Jam is the most beautiful, creamy rose fragrance with just a hint of lemon for a nice bite of fresh and juicy. I was not expecting to be as bowled over as it as I was. The bottle in this picture is actually my second and I'm not the type to go through perfume like that! 

LUSH Aqua Marina cleanser was suggested to me by a friend who also has combination-dry, acne-prone skin. I haven't gone back to anything else after using it. It's a gorgeous combination of soothing calamine and moisturizing seaweed and aloe vera and my skin is in. love. It seriously saved my skin when I thought nothing else would.
LUSH Ultrabland cleanser is my night cleanser, and especially when I'm wearing makeup. This is an ages-old formula of beeswax, honey, and almond oil that cleanses the skin so gently. It's one of the things that actually got me excited to wear makeup again. I rub Ultrabland into my dry face, over the makeup. Then I take a nice, hot damp wash cloth and lay it over my face, gently massaging to take the Ultrabland - and makeup - off. This stuff busts through even longwear foundations and waterproof mascara! It leaves a layer of light moisture behind on my skin and I found that I could skip my night moisturizer and still not feel too dry in the mornings. This was another product suggested to me that became a miracle must-have for me! 
LUSH Ocean Salt face + body scrub is one of their bestsellers for a reason. This lovely scrub combines sea salt, lime-infused vodka, and avocado to polish, tone, and moisturize skin. I found it's great for exfoliating every few days. This stuff also rocks for a pre-shaving scrub and also for polishing the skin before applying self-tanners or etc. Great product! 

LUSH Washday Greens shampoo was a surprise favorite for me. I've always loved the brand's shampoo bars, but I won this bottle during a chat party and I've never loved a shampoo so much. Washday Greens has a minty, earthy fragrance thanks to mint and bay leaf infusions. It's incredibly balancing for those with fine hair that's prone to getting oily, like mine. My hair isn't colored currently, so I can't speak to how colorsafe it is, but if you want a shampoo with a great clean feeling and a balancing result, Washday Greens is awesome. Unfortunately, LUSH discontinued this product recently - but not before I bought two more giant bottles of it! It leaves my hair bouncy, shiny, and soft.
LUSH No Drought dry shampoo was awesome. Since I have fine hair that's prone to getting oily, I found that using a dry shampoo is crucial for me in keeping my hair looking fresh in between washings. I don't wash my hair every day - you really shouldn't! It strips the natural oils from your hair! No Drought is great because it's made from finely milled cornstarch to suck up oil, with grapefruit and lime oils to refresh your scalp and hair. 

LUSH Rose Jam shower gel. Was this even a surprise? When I found out LUSH was going to be releasing Rose Jam shower gel in the US, I got so excited! This has the same lovely fragrance as the Rose Jam perfume and the Ro's Argan body conditioner. It's lovely as a shampoo, too, if you want to take your Rose Jam-ness to the next level. Unfortunately this was a holiday item and is now sold out on the LUSH site, but maybe you can find a bottle at your local LUSH. 
LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is a yearly staple for me and I'm so glad it was invented. It's an in-shower body conditioner. You put it on your wet skin in the bath or shower, rub it in, and rinse off the excess. What results is some of the most supremely soft, amazingly scented skin I've ever experienced. It also has that intoxicating Rose Jam fragrance!

As you can see, this was a very LUSH year for me but their products are amazing!
I will be seeing you all in 2014 and wish you the happiest, healthiest, most fruitful new year. :) 



  1. Whaaaat. I used to have an in-shower body lotion thing like that from Oil of Olay or something in college that I really liked minus the old-lady-ish scent. So if that stuff smells like the Rose Jam body wash I am currently in love with, I'm going to need to look into it!

    PS: Nice post and I am looking forward to seeing more of YOUR FACE in 2014! <3

    1. It smells JUST like Rose Jam. It's actually what all of the Rose Jam items came from as it was the first to have that fragrance! It's a bit more expensive but a little goes a long way and it's totally worth it. Plus if you wash with Rose Jam shower gel and then use this right before you leave the shower...you're gonna smell delicious all day. ALL DAY!

      Let's hang out a bunch this year. :)


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