Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Faves from the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0!

Hello everyone :)
I know I haven't been around much this month but things have been so busy! I support retail operations where I work, so gearing up for the upcoming holidays has been a bunch of madness. I'm typing off this post quickly before I head into work again! 

Ji from Rescue Beauty Lounge has an awesome way of interacting with almost each and every single fan she comes in contact with. From twitter to facebook to Instagram, it's pretty much guaranteed she will be relatively easy to get in touch with. And Ji stays even more in touch with her fans by giving them the chance to create their very own nail polishes! The first Fan Collection was very popular and included my all-time lemming, Aqua Lily. This collection was a long time coming and included a lot of gems as well. I initially wanted them all, but then I narrowed it down to just two that I NEEDED from the collection. Here are my picks from the Fan Collection 2.0!

My first pick was Lucciole. Lucciole was created by fan Mindy. The name is Italian for "fireflies" and I would say that's a completely fitting name! Mindy said that it reminded her of the most magical time in her childhood when she was still innocent and the world was a safe and magical place. "This color is reminiscent of the color of a deepening summer night sky after sundown, between dusk and midnight. In my mind's eye, I see interspersed throughout this glorious base, random flecks of blue and/or green luminescent flecks, that randomly sparkle when the light hits it, reminiscent of fireflies." 

Rescue Beauty Lounge absolutely nailed it, wouldn't you say? The base is a smoky gray-blue and the polish is packed with purple and fiery gold shimmer. I was surprised it wasn't as purple as I've seen in some photos. The base is really smoky and altogether mysterious. The formula was thin and easily spread across the nail. Three coats were used here - no topcoat. It just glows!

My second (and pretty much favorite) pick was Réveillon. Réveillon was created by fan Cara to represent the cold winter afternoons she spent growing up on the Quebec/NYS border. "This is the borderland where we speak both French and English; for many on the American side, it's the furthest south our families migrated. Réveillon is a holiday dinner held for Christmas and/or New Year's Eve. It is an event of tradition and family, marking the transition from night to day as the dinner/party lasts well past midnight. Réveillon is celebrated with luxurious feasting in the company of family and friends. Given that it takes place after the winter solstice, the holiday suggests the coming of spring, albeit many months from that day. The color in my mind is a cool, silver-toned blue (more silver than blue) inspired by the icy landscape of late December. There is an internal flash of gold/white shimmer, perhaps violet, representing the light as reflected off ice, as well as the fireworks often used to light the night sky on Réveillon. Réveillon is mysterious with a complex depth of internal shimmer/light." 

Oh my. Réveillon IS, in fact, mysterious with a complex depth of internal shimmer/light. It's an absolutely gorgeous, light, silvery blue, with a flash of pinky gold and white shimmer. It was hard at first for my camera to capture how beautiful and multidimensional the shimmer is, but you can definitely see it in the bottle I'm holding. This reminded me of my childhood also, icy winter sunrises growing up in the Snow Belt. Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe it! Réveillon was almost a one-coater, but I used two coats without topcoat for the photos here. The formula was interesting - a bit thicker than I'd prefer, but still flowed absolutely beautifully over the nail. I'm wearing this as a full manicure right now and I don't want to ever take it off.

What did you think of Lucciole and Réveillon? Are you interested in the Rescue Beauty Lounge brand? Well, if you've never tried any of their polishes, you're in luck? They're having a sale from 12-5pm EST tomorrow where everything but the Fan Collection & Blogger Collection are going to be 50% off! That's right, their polishes will be $10 and under for the first time in who knows how long! See for details. I know I'll be snapping up a couple of polishes I've had my eye on for the longest time. Thanks for reading, everyone!


  1. Such a lovely post, that second polish reveillon is SO stunning. Perhaps we could follow each other on bloglovin'? xx

  2. Réveillon is awesome! What polishes are you going to wear in December? I'm having a hard time finding a good one that doesn't scream "red & green = Christmas"


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